News from The Kat©

Smokey had surgery last Wednesday to remove his cancerous prostate.

Multiple scans had confirmed that it had not spread to his lymph nodes or his bones, the two places that prostate cancer tends to metastasize. (Whew!)

He underwent robotic surgery.

Robotic surgery is less invasive and offers a shorter hospital stay (just one night), not to mention a quicker recovery in the days and weeks afterward. All went well during Smoke’s surgery and he came home the next day. Since then the only difference in him has been that he takes longer and more frequent naps, and I tend to be the one to get out of my chair to let the dogs in and out/answer the phone/get a can of something from the fridge.

He had only one surgeon at the console.

His father died of prostate cancer and his brother was diagnosed with several years ago; both had their prostate seeded with radioactive seeds. This treatment was successful for the brother, not for the father.

So, life goes on. Modern medical technology scores again!

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7 Responses to News from The Kat©

  1. Carole Julius says:

    I’m relieved to hear that Smokey is doing well and I hope that continues to be the case.

  2. Ellen D. says:

    Glad to hear he came through surgery so well. That robotic surgery is amazing. No big scars so faster healing! Take care, both of you!

  3. I’m glad he’s doing well, and hope he continues to heal quickly! It’s amazing what modern medicine can do. Surgical robots still amaze me.

  4. gayle says:

    Wow! Go, robots!
    Glad to hear he sailed through surgery smoothly. I still get the shudders over that one time…

  5. Ruth Flanders says:

    Thank god for that! Prayers for speedy recovery.

  6. Kym says:

    I am so glad to hear this good news, Kathy. Sending ALL the healing juju to Smokey! XO

  7. Chris says:

    Glad to hear he’s doing so well!

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