Musical taste.

Take note of this line in the lyrics: “Some of the hymns that they sing have nice chords but the lyrics are dodgy”

Keeping that sentiment in mind, listen to this:

I am not religious (you may have guessed that if you have been following me for any length of time), but I really like gospel music. Don’t know wh– wait, I do know.

“Some of the songs have nice tunes, but the lyrics are dodgy.”

Another example:

More Alabama Shakes.

Way back in the day when we were first married, we shared a house with six other people on 33rd and Park in Minneapolis. For those of you not familiar with that city, we lived only a few blocks from the scene of George Floyd’s murder at 38th and Chicago. Not the best neighborhood, but the rent was cheap. One of the best parts of living there was that someone who lived across the street was apparently part of a gospel or church choir, and sometimes the choir practiced at her/his house. We could hear it clearly, and it was magnificent. Maybe that was the beginning of my love of gospel music.

While we are talkin’ gospel, take a listen to this. Not exactly gospel, but Aretha makes it that. And if it doesn’t bring you to tears, you are not natural. That’s Carole King — who wrote the song — rockin’ out in the first balcony.

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3 Responses to Musical taste.

  1. gayle says:

    Music and religion have a long and tangled past. There’s a lot I’d probably enjoy more if I didn’t understand those dodgy lyrics…
    In the meantime, I’ll listen to Tim Minchin and Aretha all day long.

  2. Julia in KW says:

    Ok, watched the videos in reverse and the tears started with Aretha and the full on cry happen with your first video/song…right on the same page with you!

  3. Kitten WAW says:

    I am not religious, but that does not mean I am without faith. It means that I will not accept the premise that the powers that be listen more closely or speak more clearly to some $100-a-prayer-Heaven-huckstering-shyster,

    Having said that, I can believe that the powers that be would prefer to hear Aretha singing. But I sing anyway, and every once in a while a bit of a hymn pops out.

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