Furry, woolly Friday 3/19/21.

Footloose! Turn on your sound!

Dog version of crowd surfing.

Glitter FTW!

Duck train, or alternatively, a train of ducks.

Balls, the fruit bat.

Golden mouse.

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5 Responses to Furry, woolly Friday 3/19/21.

  1. gayle says:

    Those wireless doorbells gave me a giggle!

  2. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I just LOVED these postings! Animals are the greatest! The crazy bat lady, I fear is going to remain un-partnered for a LONG time as she herself has expressed the same conclusion! She knows her male bat goes batshit crazy when he drinks alcohol, and she takes him to evening parties and gets him drunk, DUH! She likes to see the chaos and fear that he creates, I think, so that is why I conclude that she has something OFF within her values or priorities. She knows his claws are sharp and mentions that when she puts the bat onto the interviewer and he is cringing groin the scratching, Otherwise, fine, but if you are bonded to a bat do not foist him on others when he is drunk or any other time..

  3. kimsdee says:

    Select your spot in the flying v? BRILLIANT.

  4. Oh my gosh I cannot watch the bat ! EW!!!!! With I’m on that Brilliant cartoon of choosing your spot!

  5. Oh wow. I can’t imagine lashing a cow to the back of my bike. O.o

    That how did that dog get on top of that tall tree stump? Yikes.

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