A few links.

Bubble wrap art.

The good mom in all of us.

A way to prevent, or at least minimize, wasted vaccines*.

* Elder Son was telling us on our last phone call how the staff at the Zuni medical center are handling this problem. Near the end of the day, if it appears there will be leftover doses, the staff giving the shots goes around the clinic and hospital to see if there is anyone who has not had a shot — and has them come to the vaccination room. If there are still leftover doses, the doctors call any of their patients that haven’t been vaccinated to see if they can come in to get their shot. ES described it as beating the bushes for potential vaccinatees. He said the next step will probably be to drive around the reservation giving shots to anyone who wants the shot.

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4 Responses to A few links.

  1. kathleen walsh says:

    If it was posted on facebook locally that there are 25 leftover vaccines, then people could know and show up for the last does of the day. People who had not yet gotten one could remain vigilant an hour before clinic-closing time to check their facebook and then get over to the clinic if there were still available doses. Otherwise, after other methods have all been used, may be that home visits would be in order

  2. Kat says:

    I love reading about how diligently everyone works to vaccinate people! (and GET the FORKHANDS! LOL)

  3. gayle says:

    Love the vaccine video!

  4. People are trying so very hard so we can all live and be in person with one another soon!

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