Winter links to keep you warm.

For those of you who enjoy coloring.

Zoom meeting.

Tired of your radio station? Find one somewhere else.

Name a snowplow.

“According to a few colleagues it’s either a plant, an algae, or a fungi. So that’s been helpful.”

Pole dancing.

I am so proud of Minneapolis.

A bola for these times.

Bored? Here’s an idea.


Anyone for mountain biking?

This will warm your heart.

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5 Responses to Winter links to keep you warm.

  1. gayle says:

    The food forest was fascinating!
    But yikes, I’ll take a pass on the mountain biking. If I want to do an outdoor activity, I’ll take my knitting out on the porch…

  2. kimsdee says:

    My right hand on this: I keep a box of crayons on my desk so that I can take a whiff when I’m feeling particularly down. (Only Crayola, thank you very much. Rose Art does NOT smell the same.)

  3. OMG. That video of the glacier in Alaska is amazing. Scary and sad (since the glaciers are melting) but still amazing to see.

  4. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I loved the instant access to different radio stations. I went to Mexican ones, then ones in Paris, then in Brussels and I landed on a Soul Jazz one in Belfast, Ireland. it is so fascinating. The French accents were really beautiful when the broadcaster spoke. So I have bookmarked it for another time. Oh, and that pole exercising man was unbelievable what he could do!

  5. Okay, the pole dancer was fantastic. The first time I clicked on Are you bored, the story of a pregnant teen came up…….it was sad. The second time i clicked it was those fun mounds of snow with glow stick eyes. I would have a blast doing that.

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