Furry Friday.

Doggo knows how to have fun.

Short-faced bear and friends.

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4 Responses to Furry Friday.

  1. gayle says:

    That sheepdog is taking his online duties seriously!

  2. This is TOBY.. OMG. That one i’m passing along!

  3. k says:

    That Irish elk! Is the Black Stag of Lascaux! That I want a tattoo of. Of which I want a tattoo. http://bradshawfoundation.com/lascaux/gallery/lascaux2b.jpg I imagine my face is just like that dog when he saw Gumby.

  4. Is… that a lobster? I do not blame that cat at all for keeping its distance.

    Also, I am glad I do not have cows on the hood of my car. Somehow I doubt honking the horn will get them to move.

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