Ranting ad nauseum.

Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama.

“… it is becoming increasingly obvious that a grievous disconnect continues to exist in the attitude of many in law enforcement—and now, apparently, many in our judiciary system…”

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4 Responses to Ranting ad nauseum.

  1. gayle says:

    I’ve often thought that politicians should have to pass the US citizenship test before being allowed to serve. From the looks of the present Congress, that would leave us with a lot fewer republicans…

  2. Ugh. Still so much to rant about. Though that Twitter cake looks yummy.

  3. Ive sent your collage to my kids! Love every word of it!

  4. Ann in NJ says:

    As a substitute teacher, one of the first things that occurred to me on 1/6 was that maybe now Congress will understand what they put kids through with shooter drills. And the bit about Pelosi’s aides almost broke me. I have little to no hope that the Repubs will learn anything from that, though.

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