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Industrial strength links.

“Clap for the parents making half a tomato and a coin bag of grated cheese last a week.” Oh, that we might live in boring times.

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Furry Friday.

Doggo knows how to have fun. Short-faced bear and friends.

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Linking to Bern.

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It’s fiber Monday!

Frog and Toad together. I loved reading those books to my kids. Courage! The story of Bernie and his mittens. Ultra-warm kitty.

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Quasi-corona related.

All the Holderness family’s 2020 coronavirus videos.

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Links to a new world.

You did a lot last year. A little thing for all you science/biology/marine biology/psych geeks out there. Snow depth in Madison, Wisconsin. Need masks? A friend turned me on to these — affordable N95s. Bernie sings.

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Furry feathered Friday.

Shetland ponies… in fair isle sweaters. Check out the comments and videos, too.

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Rant of the week.

“…his party’s base now consists of a few conspiracy theorists dressed up as Beowolf… (NSFW) Thank you to all those who send me blog fodder — political videos, animal videos, screen shots, etc. I shall not name you because I … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 1/20/21.

First of all, let’s all rejoice about this: Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. Knitting. Two hats for the Blue Hat Project. The hat on the left is nearly done. Trying to decide whether to start another hat or … Continue reading

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Ranting ad nauseum.

Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama. “… it is becoming increasingly obvious that a grievous disconnect continues to exist in the attitude of many in law enforcement—and now, apparently, many in our judiciary system…”

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