Ranting my way towards the new year.

Oh, look! We have death panels now!

Related: how full are hospitals near you? As I type this my nearest hospital has one ICU bed available. That is the ONLY ICU bed in this county of 44,000 people. There was a story on national news about a week ago about how a COVID patient, I think from the next village north of here, went to our nearest hospital (in St Croix Falls, WI) They had no empty beds and she was transported to Fargo, ND, 300 miles away.

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3 Responses to Ranting my way towards the new year.

  1. gayle says:

    Lovely collection you’ve got here today! Thanks!
    (And that last one has definite possibilities…)

  2. k says:

    3 open ICU beds up here. Closer than NoDak, but probably not as “ept.” (I gave Daughter a letter demanding that I be shipped to St. Luke’s in Duluth if I get sick. Because reasons.)
    Yes, I also commend the “rich people’s yacht money.”

  3. I’m in the SF Bay Area. We’re at 8.5% of capacity available right now. That’s not “none” but it’s plenty scary enough for me.

    America is ready for an ADULT president. A competent president. So many things that are more important than gender or skin color or sexual orientation.

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