Furry & feathered Friday.

First, thank you for your kind responses to my Wednesday post about Elder Son’s COVID diagnosis. What was particularly helpful were the stories you shared about your family and friends who turned tested positive but had only a mild case of COVID. Given that the only cases in the news are the very, very serious ones, this was a welcome jolt of reality. Thanks!

A very grumpy koala was removed from the Christmas tree.

Cher and the world’s loneliest elephant.

Show me the little countess.

Snuggling moose. Mooses? Meese?

Who is chasing whom?

Save the giraffes!

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6 Responses to Furry & feathered Friday.

  1. Kathleen Walsh says:

    Kathryn, my sister just told me tonight that her son and my other sister’s son, both age 34 got Covid-19 this year. She did not want anyone to worry, so both my sisters kept it to themselves. Both men caught it from work situations where employees did not social distance nor wear masks. One place had a sick employee who got tested, but came into work until he got his test results. This ended in the everyone catching it, and the business had to completely shut down for 2 weeks. In the second case, one employee ended up being hospitalized. Thank God no one died, but the employees were not in the older high risk categories, Andrew has all this knowledge of how best to recover, and I am confident that he will do so.

  2. Kym says:

    First, I hope Andrew is doing well and recovering quickly. Second, those raccoons kind of creep me out. XO

  3. Ellen D. says:

    Those were interesting links! I liked the “Who is chasing whom?” one best. And that sweet man feeding his raccoons – he gets a lot of joy out of it. It would scare me a bit to have that many raccoons swarming around me!
    Wishing your son a speedy recovery!

  4. I can’t imagine having any kind of wild animal in my Christmas tree. Yikes! (Granted, we’ve had fake trees for decades due to allergies, but still.)

    Best wishes again to your son for a speedy recovery. My cousin seems to have recovered from it pretty well, and she’s got underlying issues that put her a much higher risk category than your son is. Still, sending healing thoughts.

  5. gayle says:

    I’m picturing a conversation – “So, what are you doing these days?” “Oh, I’m building rafts for giraffes”…
    Sending best wishes to Andrew!

  6. raccoon man………insane!

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