Stuff on a Tuesday.

  • I have had a sore throat for nearly two weeks. No other symptoms, so I am chalking it up to allergies because I have been sneezing as though I just inhaled a bushel of ragweed pollen.
  • Genius move: I started taking a Claritin first thing in the morning. No sneezing! No itchy feeling in my nose! No help with the sore throat., though.
  • I have also been feeling weird — chills and sweats, especially in the first hours of the day. No fever, though — I checked. Maybe I am haunted?
  • From Saturday’s comments, the annual mistletoe auction in the UK has been cancelled due to the pandemic.
  • Go, science!
  • Our lake has frozen over and thawed and frozen over and thawed any number of times. It still is not completely frozen over. Good thing water is not damaged by repeated freezes and thaws.
  • Have I told you about my new(ish) breakfast/brunch meal? Saute some cooked brown rice (I always cook extra when I make a stir-fry), cut up an onion plus any other leftover veg and throw that in the pan; season with a teaspoon of curry powder. When the onions are cooked as much as I want I throw in a spoonful (or two) of minced garlic and scramble in an egg or two. Delightful! And the only things I have to count in my Weight Watchers journal are the initial oil or fat and the rice. Eggs and vegies are free.
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7 Responses to Stuff on a Tuesday.

  1. Ellen D. says:

    Hope you feel better soon!
    When I visited my daughter in Neenah, WI last January, I was amazed how the ice fisherman just drove their snowmobiles right out on frozen Lake Winnebago. Remember it was often a little milder last winter and water was splashing up as they drove. Thawing and frozen at the same time! Yikes!

  2. gayle says:

    My allergies have been horrendous this year, too, so I feel your pain. Maybe I need a genius move, too…
    Feel better soon, my haunted friend!

  3. Kathleen Walsh says:

    My best wishes for a speedy recovery from your sore throat. We normally can get sore throats this time of year, and aches, chills and sweats but it is the flu or allergies. Nowadays, our fears immediately spike that it could be covid-19. If taking Claritin removed some symptoms, it is highly unlikely it is little more than seasonal allergies or the flu. This past spring, only people in Canada with symptoms were allowed to get tested. Due to Phil’s allergies, he got tested and was negative. I waited until June 20th when everyone else could go get a test. But we both went and got a flu shot for seniors. This flu shot is 4x stronger than the normal one for 3 strains of the flu. The normal one that people get is for 4 strains but is 4x weaker. I also got a vaccine against pneumonia because I have had it 3x previously. All this by someone (me) who has only been vaccinated twice in the past 15 years. A doctor in the NWT informed me that all vaccines contain GMO’s. I eat organic to avoid those, so I also chose to avoid the vaccine. But the pandemic changes those priorities and I am choosing the lesser of two evils. I will choose to get a vaccine against covid-29 as soon as one is available to me.

  4. I hope you feel better soon! I had also been having much worse allergy symptoms than normal—to the extent where I asked my doctor for a COVID test because the symptoms were not ones I was used to. (Test was negative.) Turns out, a Zyrtec and Flonase have been working to keep my symptoms under control. And that sounds like a yummy breakfast!

  5. k says:

    Ooh, I got a Penzey order today complete with Maharajah curry, and some leftover brown rice in the frig. Dinner!
    (Also, Katniss luuuvs curry, so when I was sniffing all the new spices her eyes got all big and scary and I had to let her sniff too. My life is occupied, or something.)

  6. Kat, Im concerned. What does your doctor say? The only time I get chills is when I have a bladder infection brewing. Whatever it is, may you feel much better soon!!!!!!!! Honey/tea/

  7. Andy Howarth says:

    I’ve also noticed that alergies are lasting far, far into the fall this year. I’ve heard it from other friends as well. Are you doing your daily temperature checks? I keep a thermometer in my pocked and do it twice a day, which is only prudent for someone who has to interact with others at least three days a week.


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