Links light the way.

Here’s a fun little thing: google

This is a bit chilling, although not a surprise.

To paraphrase Bugs Bunny, “What a [bunch of] moroon[s]!”

Time travel as seen through a costume maker’s eyes.

Aliens exist.

Mandy Patinkin, I love you!

I am having these feelings, too.

“Dude, let it go!”

PSA regarding Obamacare signup.

Chernobyl Olafs.

Nope, not dead yet.

Fashion is awfully silly some years.

Links from Chris.

A friend in southern WI sent me this. The technical guy in our highway department had the original idea back in about 2010. They use the brine from making mozzarella at a local dairy, which brine used to be hazardous waster, and spray it on the roads. Mozzarella brine is the only cheese brine that has the proper level of salinity. I was on the county board, although not on the highway committee, at the time.

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7 Responses to Links light the way.

  1. marijo1951 says:

    Looking at that man’s cardigan for 1974, I’d be so ashamed if I knitted something that turned out such a shapeless disaster, I’d frog it straightaway.

  2. Ellen D. says:

    I lived through all of those years and we did not wear clothes like that! Very strange! I did enjoy the “not dead yet” story. A sense of humor is a wonderful thing!

  3. Shirley says:

    When I see scenes from TV shows or movies where people are hugging, sitting close, and gathering in groups I feel so sad missing the opportunity to do those things myself. But I’ve got my eyes on the horizon and know better days are ahead. Then look out everybody, I’m going to be hugging like crazy.

  4. gayle says:

    Some of those fashions made my brain hurt…
    And I loved the costumer link!

  5. gayle says:

    And also, do they stockpile the brine over the summer for use in the winter?

  6. marijo1951 says:

    Sad COVID news over here in the UK – the annual mistletoe auction has had to be cancelled…

  7. I love the costumer’s time travel quotes. Reminds me a lot of Connie Willis’ Oxford Time Travel series. 🙂 I love that post from The Bloggess. Sounds like a perfect celebration of her grandma’s life.

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