Furry, feathered, scaly Friday.

Uber for the baby goldfinch.

King of the house.

Dogs return to the White House.

Mr. Murderbritches.

Baby llama.

These animals have the right ideas.

PSA regarding Thanksgiving foods that are or are not safe for dogs and cats.

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3 Responses to Furry, feathered, scaly Friday.

  1. gayle says:

    I think Mr Murderbritches speaks for a lot of us these days…
    (And who doesn’t need a baby llama in their day?)

  2. kimsdee says:

    Okay, my son is a part-time Uber driver and has never gotten a call that cool. (Maybe if he went full-time?)

  3. That is a cool Uber ride! Also, the escaped miniature donkeys (+ cat) picture makes me think of The Musicians of Bremen. (I blame the Muppets.)

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