Well, election day has come and gone, and we still do not know who will be the next president. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I said was, “Who is the president?”

Smokey answered “trump”.

“Fcuk!” I said.

And he reminded me that trump is still the president until January 20.

I have been phone-banking for the past three or four weekends. Let me regale you with a couple stories.

The very first person I talked to said he was going to vote Republican. I asked why — which I shouldn’t have done, we are told in that case simply to wish the person a good day and move on. But I asked, and he replied that he was not a fan of genocide (!) Smoke told me the guy was probably a Qanon devotee. But it was a bit chilling.

The phone-bankers met in a Zoom call at the beginning and end of each three-hour shift. There were callers from San Francisco and Colorado and other non-Wisconsinites in the shifts. Thank you to all of them!

The best story was a guy I called on Monday at about 1:00 pm. He was quite talkative, saying “Dump trump” Then he said he had just come from the bar and apologized if he was being an asshole. I thanked him for his Biden vote and asked it he planned to vote Democrat all the way down the ballot.

He said, “My wife gave me list of who to vote for.”

As I told him that I do the same thing with my husband, I could hear his wife in the background saying, “Patty Schachtner!”, who is the incumbent Dem candidate for our state senate seat.

That story got a laugh during the post-shift Zoom debriefing.

Well, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that we elected a new president. Onward!

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4 Responses to Stories.

  1. Ellen D. says:

    Hang in there… I see the AP just said Biden won WI – thanks so much for your work!! Still hoping…

  2. gayle says:

    well and truly crossed!

  3. k says:

    I was phone banking in 2016 – stories! – working off a likely Dem-voting list. Calling during the day meant we mostly got retired old people. I got a guy, asked him who he was voting for, and he said gruffly ‘I’m an old white guy who lives in the woods and has guns who do you think I’m voting for???? gruffgruffgruff” “So, Hillary then?” We laughed. Good times.
    Ya, I went off script a few times. Like the guy who refused to vote for Clinton so I asked, “You’re good with a white supremacist then?” But he’d hung up.
    You know? Maybe going off script isn’t a bad idea.

  4. Fingers well and truly crossed.

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