I’m ridin’ with Biden!

I have been phone-banking last weekend and this one. It is rare to actually talk to a person; mostly calls go to voice mail. Last weekend I spoke with about a dozen live voters (out of 111 calls); they were roughly half trumpsters and half Biden supporters. One of the former told me he was voting Republican because he was not a fan of genocide (!) Smokey said the guy was probably a QAnon type.

This weekend, however, things were different. Out of about 70 calls I spoke with 16 live people, almost all of whom had already voted and every one of whom was delighted to pride and satisfaction in their voices made me smile.

On a related note, our candidate for Congress, Tricia Zunker, was interviewed by Vogue magazine in an article on the number of Native women running for Congress. Her opponent, known as Toxic Tom when he was in the state legislature, won the special election last May, but may be in trouble come November 3. Read the interview here. Go, Tricia!

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3 Responses to I’m ridin’ with Biden!

  1. Diane Nelson says:

    Great article. I admire that you are making phone calls. I just can’t make myself do that!

  2. k says:

    Go Tricia! I phone banked several times. It was a good experience! So I usually answer, thank them, and ask them to not call me any more. Go you! Improves turnout by 5%? Or more? I know it counts. I still ask people what their plan for voting is, and what they’re going to do to reward themselves. Old phone-bankers never die, they just go to voicemail.
    I’ve seen a few signs around town, “pow wow the vote”. Awesome!

  3. gayle says:

    Good luck to Tricia Zunker! And good for you for phone banking!
    May all our dreams come blue!

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