I am versatile. I can rant on a Monday, too.

Election Day is actually Tuesday, October 20.

Wear your dang mask.

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8 Responses to I am versatile. I can rant on a Monday, too.

  1. Kathleen Walsh says:

    If I were an American, I would get in line early outside the early voting station, taking a portable lawn chair, a thermos of hot chocolate, an umbrella, a sandwich and juice boxes, a bottle of water. I would be geared gear up with goggles, sunscreen, wearing a scarf, gloves as I entered the voting station, a KN95 mask to be out on before entry to the station, wearing a medical mask outside, (KN95 masks are available now on-line, more comfortable than N95 masks but just as protective), and I would have my wee container of hand sanitizer clipped on. NOTHING would deter me, and all these voter suppression tactics, plus manipulating the US postal office with delay tactics, and new rules in some states to not accept covid-19 as reason for ABSENTEE MAIL IN voting (ahem, TEXAS!), and some states trying to limit the number of drop-off voting boxes (ahem, Texas again trying to have one box for the county that contains Houston with over 800,000 voters!) all of these shenanigans trying to sway the election, to ROB ME (if I were American) of my democratic right to vote, would make me more determined than ever to exercise my right and to not be robbed by some who are trying to rig the election. What is the truth and point of democracy if this is allowed to happen? Then democracy would be a LIE! So I cannot do any of this, but I do encourage all Americans to read this to do your best to vote early so it can be counted the day of the election. If it is mailed in, then there will be a delay which some would use to try to get your vote thrown out. There is at least one SCOTUS on record saying he would vote to throw out mail-in ballots. Do not allow yourself to be robbed! i exhort you to exercise your vote in the safest way you can too, but try to avoid the pitfalls and traps that have already been told to you as a plan to steal the election. That is my rant for today, which happens to be my Canadian Thanksgiving. I give thanks for this opportunity to post this.

  2. We voted over the weekend, and dropped our ballots off in a county drop-box. I was gratified to see a large number of others dropping off their ballots at the same time, too.

    But. That last rant… I really don’t like my chances of survival being tied to the common sense (and common decency) of so many others, either.

  3. Kat says:

    We dropped off our ballots on Saturday! (now we just are waiting for the count to begin on Nov 3!!)

  4. k says:

    We dropped ours off in September, and they show up on the state website.
    I talked to a friend in Washington state. Their ballots don’t get mailed to them till October 16th.

  5. k says:

    (am tempted to make masks that say “it goes over your nose” and maybe something about “so you think other people should die?” But that would have to be, oh, maybe something sewn on a mitten so I could flash it when necessary. and just think! when they taught us all this domestic goddess shit, they thought we’d use it to keep our husbands happy!)

  6. We, too , have voted and have you can follow your vote to see it was counted, here IN wisconsin. We are an important state. Kathleen, How nice of you to talk about voting with us. Americans, many of us are frankly embarrassed that we ever got to this place with THAT man. I continue to write to other democrats, to notify them of their senate races and judicial races. WE need to take back the Senate as well. It is getting to be nervous time …

  7. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I like that you can check in to see if your vote was counted, like tracking a USDS parcel! Smart of Wisconsin, and yes, an important swing state. When a tear happens in a sweater and it starts to unravel, if nothing is done, over time it will get completely destroyed and will unravel faster and faster. That is what is what is has been like for us Canadians watching this disaster unfold and the unravelling of so much for the past 4 years. I know and love so many Americans, I feel bad for the senior citizens who suffered the losses of funding for Meals on Wheels, the hungry school children who had breakfast programs cancelled, for the immigrants who sought refuge and were separated from their children who were put into cages – and so many other policies that were the cause of suffering and hardship for those who were not in the privileged upper class. I trust that this election will put a stop to the unravelling and begin to repair the damage.

  8. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I LOVE that last comment “just think! when they taught us all this domestic goddess shit, they thought we’d use it to keep our husbands happy!” and it actually made me laugh out loud!

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