Furry Friday, 10/2/20.

Leaf sheep, the only animal that can photosynthesize.

The wanderer.

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3 Responses to Furry Friday, 10/2/20.

  1. gayle says:

    Cat races! Though the version of cat racing that my two kittens are currently engaged in also involves chasing, jumping, tumbling, and wrestling. Not a boring race at all. (No clear winner, however)
    Thanks for another lovely Furry Friday!

  2. Sometimes I think the crows are more compassionate than a large percentage of humans. 😦 (But then I see happy stories on the news, and feel better.)

    I’ve seen several “gaze long enough into the void” black cat memes, and I love each one. They are awesome. The leaf sheep are also awesome. Happy Friday!

  3. OH your posters are amazing. STOP PUTTING DOORBELLS IN COMMERCIALS>>>>\
    oh please. mY sis and my allison will love that one.

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