Let’s tour our bathroom, m’kay?

One day last week Smokey and I were lying on his bed playing Boggle when suddenly there was a crash from the bathroom. The wall cabinet had fallen off its hangers, apparently because one more dust mote settled on it, causing it to exceed the 50-pound weight limit.

On the left, the fallen cabinet. On the right, its replacement,
stolen from the downstairs bathroom, which we seldom use.

The cabinet had been jam-packed before, with scarcely room for another bottle of anything. We went through it all before putting it back and eliminated a LOT of stuff — OTC meds that were years beyond their use-by dates, duplicates, things we will probably never need again. Now everything has breathing room, assuming that shampoo bottles respirate.

This was rather a big deal for us, which just goes to show how boring our lives are.

One thing led to another, and Smokey searched out the spare roll of bathroom wallpaper. (I had decided to repaper the room roughly 25 years ago, but couldn’t finish until Smokey replaced the medicine cabinet above the sink with a new one we had bought. That never happened.)

Now we get to the heart of the story. A few years ago Smoke replaced the towel bars with sturdy grab bars, which served as towel bars plus being a safety feature. But they attached in slightly different locations, leaving the old mounting holes exposed.

This bothered him. (Not me. Even as picky as I can be about appearances, somehow I never noticed those holes.)

Now that he had the wallpaper in hand, he became very, very clever.

On the left, an untreated hole and a camouflaged one.
One the right, another camouflage job.

Yes, he found nails with heads wide enough to fill in the holes… and covered the heads with wallpaper.

This is (one of the many) reasons I love him.

If any of you have DIY partners, let me introduce you to a useful YouTube channel: Project Farm. The owner tests various DIY tools and products in the same manner as Consumer Reports. He tests epoxies, duct tape, air filters, super glue, penetrating oil, dry wall anchors, impact driver bits — whatever those are — and much more.

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4 Responses to Let’s tour our bathroom, m’kay?

  1. gayle says:

    Clever Smokey!
    And that Project Farm is an interesting rabbit hole to fall down. My dad would have watched every one of those videos!

  2. Diane Nelson says:

    You have to wait until the time is right to do those projects. They can’t be rushed. It may take hours, days or a year or two before the right time arises,, each project in its own time. Such a wonderful feeling when they are done. YouTube has taught me how to make TV have Bluetooth capabilities, program a new key fob for my car….and the list goes on. Also let me comment good men are hard to find, just sayin’

  3. Oh muy gosh, my husband will LOVE that Project Farm!!!! WOW. Im excited for him!

  4. Very clever fix! And I know the feeling about going through the bathroom stuff. We recently had a bathroom sink leak that needed to be fixed, so I took the time to go through the stuff under the sink, and was able to get rid of a lot of it. It’s a weird combination of frustrating (sink leak) and fulfilling (cleaning out junk). I hope your new bathroom cabinet is happier now that it’s not as full!

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