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Fiber monday.

Llama, llama, whose got the llama! First class cherry blossom yarn bomb. Knitting noodles. And snow.

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Let’s tour our bathroom, m’kay?

One day last week Smokey and I were lying on his bed playing Boggle when suddenly there was a crash from the bathroom. The wall cabinet had fallen off its hangers, apparently because one more dust mote settled on it, … Continue reading

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Links… and rants.

Be patient with your local bookstore. Poop FTW! Remember that the Washington Post’s coronavirus page is not behind a paywall. Got an hour? Here are four (4!) link posts from Chris and Chaos.

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Furry Friday, 8/28/20.

It’s the panda cam at the National Zoo! More pandas! They are singing.

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Coronavirus testing info.

I listen to Dr Michael Osterholm‘s weekly podcasts on the coronavirus pandemic. Last week he talked about, among other things, the different types of tests and what each is good for. I found it interesting and thought you might, too. … Continue reading

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Links, schminks.

The endings have changed.

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Furry Friday.

Remember the dog taking the horsie for walk last week? Here is more.

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Let’s do some rants for a change.

FIRST THINGS FIRST. SAVE THE POSTAL SERVICE. Here is what I wrote to them: The post office is a service established in the US Constitution. It is abominable that the president and his Postmaster General appointee are doing their best to … Continue reading

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Sock it to us links.

Princess Bride cross-stitch. I am a charter member of the apostrophe police. Knitting in the Sims.

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Charming links.

Amplify Black voices. Educate yourself: Uncomfortable conversations with a black man. Thanks, Nicole! Jurassic Park updates. Doctoring through the ages. Excess deaths. “I ain’t ever see nobody drop a beat three minutes in a song!”  More on the subject. Green = … Continue reading

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