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Just because the world is ending doesn’t mean we cannot have pompoms.

Millet‘s knitters.

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It’s Sunday. Time for some rants.

How to Avoid Fogging Glasses with a Face Mask: (from Nicholas Kristof’s NYT newsletter) “Tear off a small piece of a tissue, fold into a small oblong and place under the mask on the bridge of the nose … The … Continue reading

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Stuff and a gull on Saturday.

Phucumol. An honest meditation. NSFW. Six reasons for optimism. Tired of looking out your own window? Look out someone else’s. The first emergency medical providers. Link from Kat’s post last week. Nope, no tilting allowed. Give.Women.Functional.Pockets. Links from Chris. Everything is … Continue reading

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Furry Friday. And some non-furry ones, too.

“Running dangerously low on cat pics. Can anyone help me?” Murder mittens.   We really should have gotten a dog much earlier. Our oldest was 10 when we got Bear; he loved her beyond belief. I an only imagine how … Continue reading

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Many things on Thursday.

I have realized that updating my coronavirus spreadsheet every day is an unconscious effort to maintain control over the situation in some small way. I continue to have the same low-level depression that pretty much everyone has this year; in … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 7/15/20.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. Knitting. The yarn left over after this cowl was sitting out, and I decided to use it up. It was no fun knitting it because is had absolutely no elasticity, so I decided … Continue reading

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Tidbits on a Tuesday.

Six little bits of good news about the coronavirus.      

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For the chemists among you. For the astronomers among you. Knitting memes.

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Saturday. Or whatever day it is this week.

South Korea's government used hundreds of drones for a spectacular display to thank frontline workers and encourage wearing masks and social distancing. The show was a surprise — officials didn't advertise it ahead of time in order to avoid large … Continue reading

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Furry Friday.

Meiple? What I love about the many replies and quote-RTs of this tweet is that finally atheists and religious people are in agreement about one thing: this cat is wonderful. — Zoe Margolis (@girlonetrack) July 8, 2020®i_id=19239567&segment_id=33020&te=1&user_id=b6e2a1c0e27e4d6adfde9167bfb9b0f1

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