And the rants, they just keep coming.



We move closer to martial law in this country. Whoosh…there goes our democracy!

Melvil Dewey was a racist anti-Semite. And his Dewey Decimal System supports white values and systemslink from


teacher writes will.jpg

teachers masks

Let’s end the rants on a high note, shall we?

smells good.jpeg

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4 Responses to And the rants, they just keep coming.

  1. gayle says:

    Rant on! I think we’re all feeling ranty at this point.
    I’m heartened by the veterans who are now joining the protesters. Their clear message is “Hi, remember how we swore an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic? Well, this is us, doing exactly that here and now.”

  2. Kitten With A Whiplash says:

    I wonder if the department of education is sending students a message that they should write their wills before going back to school? Perhaps that should be the first assignment of the year, replacing the traditional “What I Did Over “Summer” Vacation” essay.

  3. k says:

    For bonus points, add curry.
    Also, just WTF.

  4. YES. No matter what I’m cooking, if I sauté onions first, it always smells amazing.

    I also want what I have already paid for. I’ve not seen it laid out so concisely before. Sometimes the Twitter character limit is really helpful.

    I used to work in a library, so I knew about some of those access issues. (The Master’s Degree requirement is one reason I never considered becoming a librarian: I just didn’t want to rack up school debt for the job.) Luckily, we never had uniformed officers in our branches, and we did have some (not enough) bilingual signage. And the reason we were given for the ID requirement for access was because we were funded by local taxes, and so any non-residents of the county should in theory be using their own local library since that’s the one their taxes paid for. (I hated that excuse. I was not the only one, but we were not the policy makers there.) I did not, however, know about the Dewey decimal system’s creator.

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