Furry Friday.


fawn billy goat

From our visit to Fawn-Doe-Rosa. Smokey makes friends with a goat.

fawn deer eyelashes

Look at those eyelashes!

fawn fawns

They don’t call it Fawn-Doe-Rosa for nothing.

fawn grass is greener

And now, from the grass-is-always-greener-even-is-there-is-no-grass department…

fawn llama

Portrait of a llama.

fawn peacock

Is there any color more beautiful than peacock blue-green?

fawn SB goats

Either baby goats of mini-goats; still cute no matter which they are. The tortoise was doing very slow laps around the enclosure.

fawn silly alpaca

“Hi, I’m an alpaca. I may be silly looking since my spring shearing, but I am still beautiful.”


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2 Responses to Furry Friday.

  1. gayle says:

    Love the pics from the Fawn-Doe-Rosa! Looks like you two had a fuzzy good time!

  2. Hooray for fiber therapy! 😀

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