Abandon all links, ye who enter here.

abandoned bldg w chain

“Just find your rock and get there.”

A profoundly touching poster project.

3,000 year-old hairstyles.

1980s hair bands updated for the pandemic. I have to confess this took my down a YouTube rabbit hole looking for 1980s hair band power songs.

Everything you ever wanted to know about red pandas, including how to do an ultrasound on one. Protip: use apples.

Color theory upended.

Celebrating pride.

King Arthur Flour in the crosshairs.

“In a sense, baking was the first treatment to emerge for the coronavirus.”

Be careful what you ask.

Sewing the saltines.

The inessential nature of gender.

They called him a sissy.

Music of the spheres.

Historical track suits.

How to really make a difference.

No-see-um green.

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7 Responses to Abandon all links, ye who enter here.

  1. Ellen D. says:

    My favorites were the hair band guy (so funny), “They called him a sissy,” (great signs!) and the “music of the spheres” (amazing and creepy at the same time!). It is an hour since I clicked on your blog and I am thinking, “Is it still Saturday?” So much to SEE here! Thanks!

  2. I am sending sissy to my 84 year old UNLCE!!!!!Love it

  3. gayle says:

    I know now to always set aside an entire morning for your posts! So much good stuff! (Especially that screaming Saturn!)

  4. k says:

    “you can theorize to nebraska and back” Truer words never spoken.
    Okay. Exactly what is sewing saltines about? I mean, history? phobias?
    Also, Morgan Donner. Are you stalking my youtube now? And how did she know I’m currently interested in hair pins? And wouldn’t it have been better to specify gauge on the wire she used so I would know right away if I have the right stuff to make that hair spiral? And I bet a krumkake cone would work for creating the spiral. I don’t have casting capacity, so I can’t recreate the hairpins, though. But maybe . . .
    Now I love the Holderness family.
    Also youtube; it’s where I live.

  5. oh that hospital floor , looks very bloody

  6. I love King Arthur Flour. And the joke int he link is good, too. 🙂

    Also: sewing the Saltines together sounds like something my dad would have done when he was younger. I’d better not tell him about this link…

  7. Jean Marie says:

    Loving the article about no-see-um green!

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