Tuesday tidbits.


Photo by CDC on Pexels.com

Collective trauma.

Shop Lowes, not Home Depot.

80 YA books by POC.

From my friend k:

“It’s like the problem of the commons, in a way. People get together, say we’re going to do this here, and somebody decides they’re bigger than that and they don’t have to get along with others and takes all the commonly managed resources. And that my friends, is the tragedy of the commons and now the common good.”

Note: I fixed the link to bipocfiber.com that was broken in yesterday’s post.

Today is the day to dump on tRump and his ilk.


Here is the WaPo story freed from its paywall.

And now, not wanting to leave you with negative thoughts, may I present a rousing game of find the cat? Hint: only a bit of the cat is visible. Also: cats are heat-seeking mammals.

find the cat

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4 Responses to Tuesday tidbits.

  1. gayle says:

    I know what I’m going to be humming for the rest of the day!
    And I think I finally spotted the cat! (Couldn’t have done it without the hints!) (and a lot of photo enlarging!)

  2. k says:

    My grandmother moved into her house in 1932. My grandfather worked for the railroad, so they were “safe.”
    The most interesting thing I found was a foot-tall stack of neatly-flattened Easter lily foil.

  3. I love the find-the-cat game!

    My grandparents saved foil also. I remember them washing and flattening it when I was young. When I was less young (but still young), I guess grandpa decided he didn’t need to save it any more, because he started rolling it all into a ball. He pressed it very tight, and smoothed the surface. Old-school stress ball, in some ways. And MAN. That thing got heavy.

  4. Thank you for the very true and disturbing quotes today Kat. I flunked my online class for Joe Biden’s text campaign. Long Story. I found another way to help my community because I want to: I’ planted a garden today and all produce is going to the local food pantry. I called. They are thrilled to have the vegetables. One thing I can do , is grow a garden. Im actually excited about this

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