Suddenly Sunday (again).


This past week was the third anniversary of Milady joining our pack. She is such a happy and chill dog (except during thunderstorms, 4th of July, and hunting season). In spite of being chill, however, she is the alpha dog in the pack; she bullies Percy the pit bull away from the dinner dish when she want to eat. Misha is happy to be domina -. er, mothered by her. We love her dearly.

Today is the first anniversary of Jonesy, the little blind cat, coming home from the vet after her ordeal. She may be blind, but she can kill a blanket with the best of them.

In the you-just-never-know-about-people department: Smokey was going through a load of stuff he brought from the Minneapolis house last weekend, all of it detritus left behind by various renters. In an old DVD player he found a DVD titled Snuff Films: A History or Highlights or some such thing. He immediately ejected and trashed it. Which one of our renters left it, who knows? But his guess is that it was one of the males, both of whom were psych techs he worked with on the inpatient child and adolescent ward. That is scary.

In non-scary news, half the family joined in protests today.


Younger Son joined in Northeast Minneapolis, aka Nordeast. Check out the letters spelling DEFUND.

This was early in the rally. There were probably twice as many people by the time I left. This counts as a good turnout in Polk County WI.


The pile of donations was significantly larger by the time I left. They also accepted cash donations, >$200 at last count.



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4 Responses to Suddenly Sunday (again).

  1. gayle says:

    Go Polk County! Loved seeing all the families turning out together.
    And it was good to see some of your critters! Especially Milady – it seems like it’s been quite a while!

  2. Ellen D. says:

    I love the one about the labs! Glad to be home and reading your posts! Thanks!

  3. Joining the protests is such a wonderful thing. Good for your family!

  4. Good for you for Doing Good. I’m tentatively hopeful that we can keep up enough momentum to actually bring about some change for this issue. It’s long overdue.

    Happy gotcha day to Milady!

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