Bombing the yarn.


Yarn bomb!

“Came for the sex weasels, stayed for the birds in teeny sweaters…”

2020 plans


There is compassion and generosity in Minneapolis. Click through to see the diaper mountain:

That is Sanford Middle School in the background above. It is in the 3rd precinct. Check out these photos.

Smokey drove into Minneapolis yesterday to do some work on the house there. It turns out that Younger Son has been going to the protests, but only during the day. He has a trailer for his bike with two large and one small tote box attached; he loaded it up with bottled water, snacks, and fire extinguishers and delivered it all to the area around the 5th precinct where there is a small volunteer fire fighting site.

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3 Responses to Bombing the yarn.

  1. gayle says:

    Holy cow! Literally mountains of donations!
    Nicely done, Mpls!

  2. The donation photo is a good thing to see. A very good thing.

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