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Have you noticed some deficiencies in the USPS lately? I kinda sorta thought I noticed it, then Amy Singer of Knitty said this in a Patreon email: “When the pandemic hit, I realized that mailing stuff to you wasn’t so … Continue reading

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Knitting the blues.

Make your own Bayeux tapestry. Nope.

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Rants, various.

trump, Fauci, and governors. Naming is important. Occasionally there is good news. Just in case you are not depressed enough, read this from my SIL: “The latest research on covid-19 showed that in places with greater air pollution, the virus … Continue reading

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Anchoring the links.

Racism will have a new definition in the dictionary. Link from Kym‘s blog. As a former trombonist in my h.s. band, I endorse this video. Link from Clara Parkes’ daily email. You could get those emails, too; sign up here. More cowbell … Continue reading

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News of the weird.

BIG NEWS TODAY! My printer, which stopped communicating with my computer back in March when we swapped out the printer stand for three file cabinets, suddenly started working today. I was printing something to pdf but clicked on the wrong … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday.

My three favorite animal videos. Aanndd… one more for good measure.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 6/24/20.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. Come join us! Knitting. The BSJ is done except for the buttons, which arrived yesterday but are not sewn on yet. The buttons are coming from Etsy and are a simple translucent blue. … Continue reading

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Song from 1976 strangely relevant today.

A 21-day racial challenge. There are a number of others if this one does not suit; remember, Google is your friend. thanks, ellend!

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Baskets of (yarn) links.

It’s witchcraft. Stand in the gap. The struggle.

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Abandon all links, ye who enter here.

“Just find your rock and get there.” A profoundly touching poster project. 3,000 year-old hairstyles. 1980s hair bands updated for the pandemic. I have to confess this took my down a YouTube rabbit hole looking for 1980s hair band power songs. … Continue reading

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