And now it is Sunday.

Two views of cops. The first was identified on Twitter as a cop by his ex-wife; source unverified. He is definitely not a black person.

Aren’t you glad I figured out how to embed an IG video?

1300 good cops
bless good cops

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3 Responses to And now it is Sunday.

  1. gayle says:

    Trying to write a comment, but I just keep running out of words…

  2. Kitten WAW says:

    I sometimes feel that we’ve allowed Black Deaths to matter more than Black Lives. If we really want to make Black Lives Matter, then we have to stop waiting for Black Deaths to motivate us. We have to find ways to make all facets of those lives matter. Myself included, I need to do more, but I don’t always know what, or how, with one very important exception. My VOTE! We have to have color-blind opportunities in health care, education, employment and other areas. We have to find ways to forge multi racial alliances that are color-appreciative, and work towards meaningful social programs and community betterment, which means we need government that will truly work for everyone,

    When we are faced with a horrible death like this one, we have to find ways to protest that honor the victim. The looters and the violent instigators are not honoring George Floyd, they are dishonoring him and his death,.They make it clear that his Black Life DID NOT Matter to them – except that they can use his death as an excuse, and legitimate protests as camouflage, for their selfish actions.They are not just destroying property, they are destroying the power of the protest to bring about useful dialog, by shifting all the conversation to their lawlessness. They are not just stealing property, they are robbing George Floyd’s death of the dignity, meaning and eloquence it could have had.

    I’m sorry for bringing my soapbox to your corner. I’m stepping down now, and if you’d prefer not to publish this comment, I understand.

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