Peaceful protest in Minneapolis.

‘Take A Knee’ Marchers Continue Marching Through Downtown Minneapolis After Curfew

If you know Minneapolis, here is their route:

  • US Bank Stadium to downtown
  • Demonstrate peacefully at Hennepin County Government Center, including singing
  • Through downtown to Hennepin Avenue
  • Onto the Hennepin Avenue bridge, where they all took a knee, ala Colin Kaepernick
  • (Through southeast Minneapolis along University Avenue to the I-35W bridge?)
  • Across the I35-W bridge, blocking the southbound lanes
  • Exit from I35-W onto Washington Avenue
  • Back to the US Bank Stadium

Once again, I can be proud of (a part of) Minneapolis. But never the police force until they change.

WaPo article that describes the police department’s history.

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  1. Peace. Change. Leadership…we need all

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