Freaky Friday.

As much as I hate the expression, “Somebody has too much time on their hands,” it was made for this video.

There was this in Pennsylvania.

Younger Son sent this video of what was happening early Wednesday evening over by the 3rd  precinct in Minneapolis.

As I watched his video, I asked him to please tell me that it was not him that took it. Sadly, it was him with his GoPro on his bike helmet. Happily, he did not get caught up in the violence. But he asked that we come pick up Percy this weekend so he only had to worry about keeping himself safe. He lives in southwest Minneapolis, roughly five miles from the rioting, which is centered about three miles southeast of downtown. However, it extended all the west along Lake Street to the Uptown area, which is definitely closer.

At 4:35 in the video he rides past a darkened area on the left with trees next to the sidewalk. That is a cemetery. At 5:17 he comes to the end of it, and there is a three-story building on the left. My knitting friend Anne lives in a condo in that building. I mave messaged her to be sure she was okay.

A friend passed on information about license and certification of law enforcement officers. Although the four officers involved in Floyd’s death were immediately fired and may be subject to criminal charges, the person who sent the information said that it was important that those officers lose their POST license and certification to ensure that they cannot work anywhere in law enforcement in the state.

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5 Responses to Freaky Friday.

  1. bjp says:

    Fantastic Rube Goldberg basketball machine. Ingenious use of so many things-that guy has lots of sports stuff for sure.

    So scary re Younger Son. Glad he was safe. So glad your friend is also ok. Such a frightening time. For years, I lived just a few blocks from where the murder occurred. Sure makes my heart bleed for all in this continuing difficult time, now made even worse by all of this.

    Thanks for posting all that you do. Good job, Kathy. Keep telling both YS and ES to be safe.You and S, too.

  2. Ellen D. says:

    It is terrible what happened in Minnesota and it is a tragedy that people of color are treated so poorly in this country. I hope those police officers are prosecuted.
    I would be so worried if that was my son riding his bike around like that in the night! Yikes! I am glad he is safe.
    The story out of Pennsylvania is just shocking – I can understand why the Democratic representative was so upset and angry. I hope there is an investigation into this and that those guilty members will have to answer for their lies.
    I hope things change in November and we can rid our country of the greedy, racist bunch that have power in our government.
    Thanks for posting! Stay safe!

  3. gayle says:

    Oh, I was going to send you that basketball one! (or did I? I’m starting to lose track of who is sending what to whom…)
    It’s looking to me like there’s very little difference between Screaming Nightmares and Republican Utopia. Wishing us all the best.

  4. I have been having a hard time processing everything going on in Minnesota. I’m glad you and your family and friends are safe, and I hope that you all stay safe.

  5. Carol says:

    Well at least he was wearing a helmet and he did stop for the red lights before going through them. Glad he is safe.

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