Truly Tuesday.


My new coronavirus photo. This is the one that the PBS Newshour has on the screen when Judy Woodruff reports news about the pandemic. I changed to a new image because I was tired of having to scroll down endlessly in my media library to find the previous virus image.

The economic cost of lives lost to COVID-19.

Florida is hiding deaths. Nebraska is censoring reporting.

Make a list of what you accomplished.

Plague wisdom from S. Pepys.

How dare you!

Traffic report during the pandemic.

New Zealand is OK. Dolly Parton rocks.

Playing frisbee with yourself.

What if there were a bidding war for disasters?



Just a few miles cross-county from here.

Wolf in clothing. Bug clothed in its victims bodies.

She recorded history so we wouldn’t forget what it was like.

“The villains can stay white, though, that’s pretty accurate.”

The secret ingredient is crime.

The opposite of hostile architecture.

Slinky boi.

And now, some happy dancing!


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5 Responses to Truly Tuesday.

  1. “I love the idea of my roof being an apartment complex for birds.” So cool!

    Yup, I follow the “add items to my to-do list after I’ve completed them just so I can check them off” school of thought. Similar to making a list of the things I’ve done at the end of the day, and it makes me feel better. 🙂

  2. Deb says:

    LOVED the HS flash mob. So very cool!

  3. gayle says:

    A tsunami of good stuff!
    Loved Bug of the Week and Imbecillin the best! Oh, and Indian Cinderella! Oh, and stolen potatoes! Oh, and…

  4. k says:

    The white deer is alive????? I’d heard she’d been shot! This is the best news ever.

  5. oh my gosh I needed those dancers!

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