Yarning for links.


For the introverts.

Rain boots FTW!

Weird color combination but it’s working.

Chonky triceratops.

Extreme quilting.

Not exactly keepsakes as intended.

She knitted a chair cover.



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4 Responses to Yarning for links.

  1. gayle says:

    That chonky triceratops is adorable!
    Whenever I see pics of cats in clothing I always wonder ‘how on earth are you going to take that *off* the cat without losing a limb…?’

  2. Ellen D. says:

    The triceratops crafter is so talented. I love all of the little creations she has made. I also enjoyed the touchless massage. People are so clever and I can imagine the fun they had searching the house and garage for tools to use in their video! Thanks for the smiles today!

  3. That chair would itch me. But as a work of art it is wonderful

  4. OMG, that fish quilt! I love it!

    Those are a knitter’s rain boots for sure.

    And I love the Muppet Zoom comparison. 😀

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