Thunder Thursday.

Yeah, I am reaching for post titles these days.
Alliteration helps some.


We have sound gremlins at our house. We will be watching Netflix and suddenly the sound drops. The screen might even freeze. I back up the show for a few seconds and that usually fixes it, but sometimes I have to reload the show. Weird, but understandable; Netflix takes a lot of bandwidth and perhaps it runs out occasionally.

But that is not all. Today Smokey and I were playing Word Seek on my iPad, something we do multiple times a day, and suddenly the sound… stopped. I rebooted the iPad — twice! — with no luck. Then I deleted the app and re-installed it from the App Store. No luck. Other apps still have sound, but not that one.

And there is more. Every time I try to watch a video on my laptop, whether on YouTube or Instagram, somewhere in the middle the sound cuts out. Sometimes backing up the video restores it, sometimes not

Last night I joined a Zoom meeting, but Zoom could not find my speakers. I rebooted, same problem. Unplugged the external speakers; happily, the internal speakers worked.

Netflix on the TV, Word Seek on the iPad, videos on my computer — where is the common thread? Gremlins, I say, gremlins.

 “I’ve got things I want to do. Survive is at the top of the list.” 

If you liked those Jim Brandenburg nature videos I linked to on Tuesday, you can sign up for a daily email reminder. It is a lovely calming way to start your day.

Not a good way to start your day, but a good thing to keep in mind. link from Chris.

I guess God does not protect people who insist on going to church services during a pandemic.

WaPo recommends crafting your way through the pandemic. Duh.

Penguins go to the museum!

This is awesome and only a teensy bit creepy.


Here is what the dancer posted the next day.


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5 Responses to Thunder Thursday.

  1. =Tamar says:

    If you find out what’s causing it, please let us know. My computers have been doing such things randomly for ages, and my late lamented computer man was of the opinion that it was a symptom of an aging and-or overfull hard drive. But about half the time it seems to be related to something else happening on the net, such as an email coming in. I have no explanation for why some Youtube videos I liked and watched frequently now get stuck and won’t play.

  2. Kat says:

    I might agree with the Gremlins on the TV and iPad, but Zoom has been having major issues exactly as you describe – so not Gremlins there, but perhaps Zoom-lins? lol

    And, that dancing with a lamp… oy lol

  3. gayle says:

    Yeah, gremlins. Why not? 2020 has dropped everything else on us…
    Loved the dancing video! Still cackling!

  4. Diane Nelson says:

    Thanks for the Jim Brandenberg link. I had his book for a long time until I loaned it out – ooops!!
    Thankfully the gremlins have not found us…..

  5. Sound gremlins sound as believable as everything else that has happened so far this year, and more believable than murder hornets.

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