Unraveled Wednesday, 5/20/20.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. Head on over to see more!


I started this hat several years ago in an effort to knit up the stash, in particular a couple of skeins of Knit Picks Palette I had won in a long-ago contest. As a learning experience, I had decided to use a couple very, very simple stranded knitting motifs from a Mary Janes Mucklestone’s book. But halfway through the stranded knitting section I got distracted — oh, a sparkly! — and set the hat aside.

Now, during this quarantine, aka, time to knit All.The.Things, I picked up the hat to finish it. But as I was slogging through the stranded knitting and HATING IT, I remembered that knitting was a hobby and it was supposed to be fun. So I frogged the stranded knitting section and substituted this bubble stitch. Much easier and equally attractive, imnoho.

Sadly, I still have a skein-and-a-half left of the baby-shit brown Palette. I shall need to find another use for it. However, I found that the wool is scratchy enough that I didn’t enjoy knitting it. (Super sensitive skin here; yes, I am that kind of a Special Snowflake.) That scratchiness that makes Palette perfect for stranded colorwork is not for me.

Therefore, the first person to comment that they could use this yarn gets it.
Sing out in the comments below!



This project arose from quarantine brain desperately needing a mindless project. Garter stitch to the rescue! Pattern is Simple Shawl on Ravelry, which I made it even simpler by omitting the lacy border and knitting the yarnovers tbl. I also shifted the increase points farther from the center twice because I wanted this to be a long shallow crescent rather than a shawl. When it got too big for one circ , I shifted to three circs with a fourth as my working needle; kinda like using 4 dpns.

Yarns are alternating garter ridges of Knitting Fever Indulgence 6-ply w Silk and Malabrigo Rios ‘Pearl Ten‘.  Initially I used only the Indulgence yarn, but the colors were too *brilliant*. I tamed that by alternating colors every two rows. First I tried some charcoal sock yarn with the Indulgence, but it was a bit too contrasty. Then I realized that a purplish yarn might work. The Malabrigo Rios was in my stash from a failed project. This project was a joy start to finish and just what quarantine brain needed.

Reading and listening.

My nearest library now has curbside pickup and dropoff, so I have access to the books there. This is rather less than having access to the 5+ million items in our 54-library consortium, but it does mean I have access to a metric crapton of mysteries. Which is just about the level of difficulty I can handle these days.

book darling rose goldDarling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel. A while ago I got an email from Amazon saying that, for some reason totally unknown to me, I had a $20 credit. Having just read a recommendation for this book, I ordered it. It was a decent read, not great literature, of course, but it kept me entertained. 3✭




book mysteryMystery by Jonathan Kellerman. Back in the day I read every Alex Delaware novel this author wrote, plus every Peter Decker/Rina Lazurus novel his wife wrote. Somehow I dropped the ball there; it appears there are numerous books by both that I can look forward to reading. Once again, not great literature, but dependable reading. 3✭



book wedding guestThe Wedding Guest by Jonathan Kellerman. (see above) This is #34 in the Alex Delaware series. Mystery was #24. Whee! 3✭





book a listThe A List by J.A. Jance. Way back in the day, I read this author’s J.P. Beaumont series of mysteries. Now I have discovered that she had several series. Whee x2! 3✭





book ampdAmp’d by Ken Pisani. I found this in the Kindle app on my iPad, no idea how it got there. Started it once, lost interest. Started it again a month or twelve later and finished it. 2-1/2✭






book splendidThe Splendid and the Vile: A Story of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During World War II by Erik Larson. I finished listening to this a couple weeks ago. As I said here, “It may be hard to believe, but Larson makes this account of the year from May 1940 to May 1941 a virtual page-turner. Even knowing that Britain survived the Blitz and didn’t surrender and that the feared invasion never came did not alleviate the tension as I listened. Then the coronavirus pandemic became news, and that and the book complemented each other; they are both about catastrophes and community strength and keepin’ on keepin’ on. 5★”

book second skinSecond Skin by Christian White. I chose this because it was short (4-1/2 hours) and cheap (free!). It is okay, kept me entertained on that day last week when I was out and about (masked and gloved). Roughly half-way through. 3✭


xbook thin ic eThin Ice by Paige Shelton. From my local library. Never heard of this author or series (Wild Alaska series) before, but it was a decent read. I have a fondness for stories set in the northern wilderness, possibly because I have always lived in the north county, just not that far north. Anyway, I enjoyed it. 3.5✭



book ganderRight now I am reading The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland. It is heartwarming, especially in these days when Some People are so heartless, to read about how this tiny town (500 souls! Even smaller than my village!) opened itself to the 7,000+ airline passengers and crews when the United States closed its airspace in the days after 9/11. 4✭

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9 Responses to Unraveled Wednesday, 5/20/20.

  1. Kym says:

    Please NO baby-shit brown Palette yarn for me! 😉 But your hat is lovely. Too bad about the scratchy. (I, too, am That Kind of Snowflake. . . ) I used Palette for a couple of projects, and I found the yarn to be very inconsistent – both in the way it knit up AND the way it felt on my skin. Weird stuff. I think the last book you mention (about 9/11 and Newfoundland) sounds like a perfect read for These Days. 🙂

  2. Kat says:

    I am echoing Kym’s no! lol

    As for The Spendid and the Vile… I almost cried when it was over! I did not want to give up Churchill! It was so good!

  3. Ellen D. says:

    Sorry, I am not a knitter so I cannot use that yarn either. I have not read any of those books but am getting back into library books now that my library has curbside pick up. I have a few of Charles Todd’s Inspector Rutledge mysteries to read. Thanks for the post!

  4. gayle says:

    Laughing at all the cries of ‘no yarn!’ – and after you made it sound so appealing, too…
    The Larson book is on my list of gonna-reads. I may have to bump it up a slot or two!

  5. readknit says:

    Thanks, but no thanks on the baby-shit brown yarn! If you decide that you can’t wear your Simple Shawl I volunteer to take that off your hands. I’m not exactly sure how that would happen with Malabrigo and Indulgence but thought I would offer. 🙂 The Splendid and the Vile is on my list, especially because we are definitely not being led by someone with Churchill’s fortitude and honesty.

  6. needles54 says:

    Heck I will gladly take the yarn i am always on the look out to increase my stash as I knit for charity all of the time. Toys, hats, shawls blankets scarves, booties, mittens. K am Uknowmeas
    on Ravelry if you want to see. Let me know where to send you my address!!! Love your garter crescent!

  7. Oh yes, the purple works. Baby shit brown….that’s a wonderful description. Good that Grace will use it for charity!

  8. The purple looks great with the rainbow-y yarn! Though I had to squint to see it as purple. In contrast it looks very close to black (though I’m sure the color is more obvious in person and by itself).

    I have given away all (I think — I hope) of my Pallette yarn to a friend who knits lots of little toys and intricate colorwork mittens. I tried it for colorwork mitts once but didn’t like the way it felt, to no more Pallette for me!

  9. Joanne says:

    I had no idea that you could use multiple circular needles on one project. I will try this tomorrow on the corner to corner garter stitch blanket that I am running out of room on my needles. I have an extra same size circular needle. It is similar to your shawl, light and dark purple stripes. I hope it works. Thanks for the tip. I just finished The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson and recommend it.

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