Chuckles in the time of COVID-19.


If you are looking for a few minutes of quiet chuckles and humble good nature, give these a listen. Mike started recording them March 16; I discovered them when he posted them to Instagram.

Parenting during coronavirus.

Laughter: the best medicine.

Need an appropriate t-shirt for your social distancing?

Essential but expendable.

Gov. Cuomo’s *daughter* speaks.

Reading in the time of plague.

Build your own pandemic model.

Eagle cam in MN. Zoo live cams. Morning bird song cam in Cornwall. That last link from Clara Parke’s daily email.

We had a two-hour family Zoom get-together yesterday morning, complete with dogs and cats; Younger Son had set up a separate window for Percy, and Elder Son and GF had one of their dogs and a succession of cats on their collective laps. Our dogs chimed in to alert everyone on the call that a threatening leaf had blown across our driveway and that they were On.The.Case. Good times!

Continuing the good times, yesterday I discovered that our favorite (only!) local barbecue joint that closed several years ago… now has a food truck! And they would be parked in the next village from 3-6pm yesterday! Ribs and chicken, for dinner, oh my!


Thanks to Kim and Ellen and others who responded to my
not-so-subtle hint about sending me links!

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5 Responses to Chuckles in the time of COVID-19.

  1. Ellen D. says:

    The article about farm workers and farmers was so sad. We certainly are a country of users and it just makes me despair. How to turn it around is a question I do not know how to answer. I have hope for the future but we have such a long way to go. Thanks for the smiles but thanks for the enlightening messages too.

  2. gayle says:

    i’m glad your dogs and kitties all got to participate in your Zoom meeting, too! (I’ve reason to believe that cats especially love Zoom, based on my own experience) I’m so grateful for online meetups when family is so far away.
    Loved the eagle cam, too – the fledglings look at be at that gangly teenaged phase. Fascinating to watch!
    And keep piling on the links, please! I’ll keep my eyes open for ones you haven’t shared yet.

  3. Rhonda Brodbeck says:

    Friend me on Facebook. Ive been posting #covid19memes everyday for weeks!

  4. k says:

    Rumor has it there’s a good book called Sapiens, about how humans evolved as a cooperative species.
    Yeah, I did a spit take when I heard that too. Maybe the aliens will land?
    We. Can. Do this.

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