Some day.


Corona humor.


Non-corona humor.


We had a county party membership meeting last week via Zoom. Our state senator joined us and told of how she had a Zoom meeting with a local chamber that morning. The meeting was Zoombombed by someone who called her a pedophile (!), followed up with 90 seconds of pictures of dead babies. WTF?

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3 Responses to Some day.

  1. Deb says:

    We’ve been told by our IT not to use Zoom because of security issues. Sound like a good thing they did.

  2. gayle says:

    Yeah, I’m still working up to ‘seize the day’-ing myself. One more cup…

  3. Yikes, I’d heard of Zoom hackers, but since I’ve only done Zoom calls with my family I haven’t experience it yet.

    I kinda love the joke about Ireland’s take on coronavirus being like Eurovision. (And if you are in need of distraction, there are many full shows of Eurovision on YouTube, and they are so much fun. We’ve been watching the competitions for years, and they’re always fun to watch.)

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