Modern Renaissance sculptures.

Rhythmic bird.

A competitive quartet. More.

Let’s dance! Let’s dance some more!

Dry land surfing.

Remember the meme about 3 days of one state of mind and a 4th day in another? Here’s another take on it.

Yesterday I was sure it was Thursday. Told Smokey about the Zoom meeting in the evening. Asked if he forgot the garbage. (Thursdays 11am is garbage pickup.) He insisted it was Wednesday, and he was right. He explained my mistake to me: “It’s daylight savings week. That’s when you spring ahead a day.” I picked the right guy — he keeps me laughing!

Later he said that I could take one of the approaches favored by our fearless leader. 1, “Many people are saying it’s Thursday.”  B, Insist that it IS Thursday and require that everyone abide by my word.


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5 Responses to Thursday.

  1. Kat says:

    I am not sure if this is something to brag about, but I could name most of the movies those dances came from! lol

  2. gayle says:

    Well, bless Smokey – and I’m glad you two have each other!
    The dances were a ton of fun, but that competitive quartet will have me smiling for a week!

  3. helenmatheyhornbooks says:

    Have we forgotten about the flying monkeys (Wizard of Oz)…are they coming too? I’m using tv programing to help me stay on track, but then I’ve been doing that since I retired from teaching as I lost track of all time once I retired. lol

  4. I always love when people find ways to make classical music differently entertaining. (Note: I love classical music. That does not stop me from also loving the parody versions / mashups / fun stage presentations of the pieces.)

    And that bird! Love it.

  5. k says:

    Y’all get three good days?!?!??!!???

    What a load of shit this all is, and getting worse how is that possible. I’m so thankful Daughter is sane. And thank you for your posts.

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