I have been buying my bras from Decent Exposures for years. Their bras are the most comfortable ever created. And they put their business on hold to make masks.

decent masks

I can spot the masks made from the same color fabric as my bras.

We spoke with Elder Son last week. Their hospital has not gotten hit hard yet, but he now believes the deluge may come. The Zuni reservation lies right next to the Navajo rez that has been hit very hard by the coronavirus. He quoted some statistics showing that, iirc, New Mexico had a very, very high per capita rate of infection and also a high rate of increase. In NM, McKinley County where he lives is #1 in those same rates, mainly because of the Navaho’s tragically high rates of infection.

I asked if there was much interaction between the Zunis and the Navajos. He said not much; while it is culturally acceptable for a Zuni to marry a Hopi, there is a strong cultural bias against marrying a Navajo — nearly as strong as a Zuni marrying a non-native. He didn’t know when or why this antagonism arose.

CNN story about Gallup. The governor closed all the roads in and out on Friday.

The prior weekend he had delivered a load of tests to a lab in Albuquerque; if he had not, the results would have been delayed three days. He volunteered for the task because it gave him a valid reason to go to a large supermarket and stock up.. He wanted to do that trip because he and GF were getting low on supplies; their last stock-up trip was in late February. He said his grocery cart was so full this time there was not room for the jackfruit he wanted to buy, and the bottle of rum had to be hung from his pinky finger by the loop on its necks. $700 at the grocery/liquor store and $500 at a butcher shop. All the meat at the latter is frozen and prime grade; it is grown on the butcher’s land. No meat-packing factory involved.

I am suddenly rich in reading material. Three books picked up curbside at my library, one picked up curbside at another library, three purchased and received via USPS, and one freebie downloaded on my Kindle app ::smile::

Lemur meets strawberry.

PSA regarding hand-washing.

PSA regarding libraries during the time of lockdown.

Use the right onion.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. Dr. Mike Osterholm has a weekly podcast about the virus. It is science- and fact-based, much more so than the main-stream media. As much as I respect the WaPo and the NYT, this is far superior. (original link from Chris)

History will repeat itself.

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7 Responses to Sunday.

  1. Kitten With A Whiplash says:

    I did not need another reason to want a Lemur in my life, but I thank you for this very excellent one.

  2. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I lived in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada for 2 years. Population at the time was between 2,600 and 2,900 people. It is 20 kilometres from the Arctic Ocean, so WAY NORTH! Inuvik’s indigenous populations were either Gwitchen (Native American) or Inuvialuit (Inuit), These two nations had long contended over fishing rights on the rivers that divided their territories and on the hunting grounds and berry patches that bordered each’s traditional areas. This had gone on for many hundreds of years. Some squabbles had ended in bloodshed, so there was some longstanding animosity between the two groups. This may be the case also between the Navajo and Hopi Nations if their traditional territories abutted one another. I am so sorry to hear how badly the Navajo have been infected by the Covid-19. I pray their cases are mild enough for recovery from it.

  3. gayle says:

    That bodypaint art video is both fascinating and creepy at the same time…
    And I love the spare cats box!
    (Hoping elder son and his family continue to stay safe and healthy!)

  4. Shirley says:

    Your work during this pandemic is so essential that I’m going to recommend you get a $2 an hour raise, just like the people at Target.

  5. Diane Nelson says:

    I’ve been in love with Dr. Osterholm for years.

  6. SO many good things here Kat!! again. You are amazing and you make difference! I will give Dr. O a listen to! And Ive never heard any one brag about a bra…Im off to buy some

  7. Love the lemur video! I hope you and Smokey and Elder Son and his GF manage to stay safe.

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