Cats & yarn.


Alpaca are amazing.

I have a wonderful afghan that this would work on.

Speaking of afghans

wall hangings

These two wall hangings remind me of the coronavirus’s effect on people. The one on the left shows society merrily trucking along when suddenly! there is a big disruption, but after the disruption society continues its trucking. The one on the right shows how we are (nearly) all working together to get through this thing. This level of craft interpretation is totally foreign to me; it just shows how the pandemic affects everything.


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6 Responses to Cats & yarn.

  1. marijo1951 says:

    That Purl on Pearl afghan has given me an idea for rescuing my favourite handmade sweater, which I found yesterday while sorting through my winter clothes had been attacked by the dreaded moth. It’s in fuchsia pink alpaca and I made a baby jacket with the leftovers so I doubt if I’ve more than a short length of the yarn left. The yarn is long discontinued and would be difficult to match. In any case there are 5 large holes each covering at least 3 stitches and several rows so invisible darning would be impossible for all but a true expert. The only way to save it is somehow to make a feature of the holes. We have a fascinating character in the UK known as Tom of Holland who invented the concept of ”visible mending”, so I’m going to take inspiration from him. Before that I’m carefully examining all my clothes, yarns and other textiles to find if the little monsters have got to anything else. At least it gives me something useful to do during lockdown, but I’d rather be knitting.

  2. Kat says:

    I am laughing at that Netflix suggestion! YES!

  3. gayle says:

    Two thumbs up on that Netflix suggestion!

  4. I would love that Netflix category!

    And that’s a lot of blankets to make between now and December. It’s a good reminder, though. I’ve been meaning to make afghans for my niece and nephew, and haven’t done it yet.

  5. Oh cats ! if you like Kristen Wiig, her newest Whiskers R We was on this weekend. you tube.. FUNNY

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