Alone on a Saturday.

benedict c alone.gif

Silver linings from the Quarantine Chorale. Link lifted from Chris.

The Bloggess likes Instagram as much as I do.

Save the USPS! Another way!

Open the damned blinds.

Policy cannot be based on the Bible.

A new take on social distancing.

A message from your local, frumpy yeast geneticist.

Speaking of social distancing:


Not a link, but I have been calling my friends just to check in. I HATE to talk on the phone. I have NEVER called anyone just to check in. I guess this is what social distancing does to me.

Need a book or puzzle? This bookstore (and yarn shop!) in my area has them. Support your independent bookseller!

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3 Responses to Alone on a Saturday.

  1. gayle says:

    I’d forgotten that the Post Office had such wonderful merch! Years ago I bought Looney Tunes ties from them when I worked a job that required a tie. Loved those ties!
    And thanks for all the great links! Still giggling at that blinds-opener!

  2. Oh yes the post office does sell some pretty things!

  3. I love the post office. And I also love that tweet thread from the local, frumpy yeast geneticist. (I, however, am not so brave as to create my own sourdough starter. I have found a place where I can order live starter instead.)

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