Links back when we could touch others.

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Inspiring (not)

national park posters.

National Geographic shares photos of the pandemic around the world.

This is lovely.

How to feed your dragon.


Working from home.

Painters painting food.

The first case of COVID-19 in our county. Unconfirmed because severely limited tests, but definitely COVID.

Hey, I’ll take some of those demons.

A poem for today.

A woman who gives Margaret and Helen a run for the money.

Good news sources.

Move over, pizza rat.

Remember what I wrote yesterday about how repellent some of the family videos about amusing themselves during their stay at home time? Here is one that is truly good.

And now, for your relaxation moment(s)…

“Each year a large herd of sheep visits Shafer Vineyards during springtime here in Napa Valley. They come to naturally mow the abundant cover crop that grows in our vine rows, which is an important part of our approach to sustainable farming. Everyone at the winery loves it when the sheep arrive. There’s something about their presence that is calming, cheering, and peaceful.

“During the upheaval and uncertainty in the world right now, we wanted to share the pastoral beauty of this with you.

“These images of beautiful sheep grazing in our vineyards are set to the music of songbirds, the vineyard breeze, occasionally the geese on our pond, and of course the sheep themselves. Think of it as our version of one of those logs-burning-in-a-fireplace videos that can play in the background of your day at home.

“We’ve repeated one hour of footage to give you a total of six hours of wine country tranquility. This was shot during March 2020 here on our property by Napa Films. The sheep come to us from the folks at Woolly Weeders.

“Stay strong and stay well.”




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4 Responses to Links back when we could touch others.

  1. Kat says:

    Those Nat Geo images are wonderful!

  2. gayle says:

    I enjoyed that ping pong ball bounce! Also that WI Dem interview was fabulous!
    Now I’m going to watch some sheep for a while…

  3. I Love the National Park posters!1 I love all your posts

  4. OMG, the feeding the dragon link is so cute! I love it.

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