Let’s try this again: happy Easter!

easter dots.jpg



corona churches.jpg

xCaution: non-Easter-respectful humor follows. Click at your own risk.

None of us are into cheap, fast fashion, are we?

The difference between linear or logarithmic scales.

Nurseries and garden centers are essential businesses in MN.

Construction workers may be essential, but they are not being protected.

420. (What 420 means if you didn’t know.)

How to go shopping.

Some gentle daily workouts for what ails ya.

More great works of art recreated.

Etherknitter, a physician, posts from the trenches. From the trenches IILots of good information there.

Let’s get serious for a moment. First, read this from the NYTimes.

Dr. Jane van Dis is an ob-gyn in Los Angeles and the medical director for Maven, a telemedicine platform. She is also a single mother. “I realized that if something happened to me that my life is all in my head,” she told me. “So on Saturday I combed through all of my policies — life insurance and disability — and all of my credit cards, my mortgage, my auto loan, trying to think of all of the details of my life so that if someone were trying to take it over for me they could.”

Dr. Marshall said he’s been encouraging his colleagues who don’t yet have wills to draw them up. “We know what’s coming,” he told me. “There are a good number of people who are going to die here,” he said, and “health care workers will be part of that number.”

Dr. Vicki Jackson, the chief of palliative care and geriatrics at Mass General, said she recently told her husband that she wants him to remarry if she dies. “But it’s important to me that she be spunky,” she told him. “No milquetoast role models for the kids.”

These are the kinds of conversations that many doctors have spent their careers urging patients facing serious illness to have. They are now showing us how it’s done.

“Most people are in complete denial that your life can change on a dime,” said Dr. Jackson. “In medicine we know it, and we are more likely to talk about it.” Because of the coronavirus outbreak, she added, “the veil is less opaque right now. And I don’t think that’s bad.”

Yes, you are immortal and nothing bad is going to happen to you.

Until it does.

Are you prepared? Is your will up to date? Does your spouse and/or your children know how to find your vital financial and other information? If not, I am here to help.

Last fall I came upon a master template on Wirecutter for recording all that information. I cannot find the original post, but I saved the template, and you can download here. (I promise there are no viruses nor malware contained therein).

The file is an Excel spreadsheet, a format that I love but one that gives some people cooties. Use it as is if you like Excel or use the contents as prompts to create a Word document or a paper one, whatever is easiest for you.

I filled this out for Smokey and I and put it onto two flash drives that I gave to Elder and Younger Son when we were together at Thanksgiving. Besides that, Younger Son has access to my LastPass vault, which contains all my passwords. I feel reasonable certain that I have covered our bases.

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8 Responses to Let’s try this again: happy Easter!

  1. Kat says:

    Happy Easter x2!!

  2. Ellen D. says:

    Thanks for the laughs today! Happy Easter to you too!

  3. gayle says:

    Happy Easter and thanks for the much-needed laughs!
    Hugs and stay safe!

  4. You made me laugh yet again!!!! The chocolate bunny one is old but so good!!

  5. k says:

    Once and for all, the spotted horse fake is my absolute favorite, by which I mean I might steal a screenshot of it and put it up somewhere. Trust me, I’m a trained professional. In art, not in bootlegging uncopyrighted material.

  6. Happy Easter! And thanks for the reminder to write up something with my vital information and all that. It’s one of those “oh yeah, I need to do that someday” things, and hasn’t yet been a “do it now” thing. It’s time for that to change.

  7. Kitten WAW says:

    My neighborhood is usually fairly busy with workers and students. Since The City is on lockdown, the only people in the neighborhood are those who live here, I’ve never seen so many strangers in my life!

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