So it’s not really Easter today? (Or yesterday?)

Sorry about that Happy Easter post yesterday. Clearly, I did not look closely enough at the calendar when I scheduled it.

Elder Son called on Saturday. No big changes there. Fifty-five confirmed cases and four deaths in his county, which includes Gallup, but no big surge in Zuni (yet). He gave us a long dissertation on ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and exactly how the coronavirus and the attendant immune response kills. It was essentially the same as what the video below explains. He even used the term “tidal volume”, but also threw in the role that cytokines play.

Last time we talked to him Smokey mentioned that he had stopped taking his Enbrel for psoriatic arthritis on the basis that, since the way Enbrel works is to turn down the immune system, that during this pandemic he needed his immune system firing on all cylinders. ES explained that he really didn’t need to discontinue the medication and launched into a lecture about the innate and adaptive immune systems and how Enbrel affects them and kittens. Really? We have two immune systems? Huh, who knew? The whole thing went w-a-y over my head, but I am glad Smokey can once again stop the pain from the arthritis.

ES also suggested that we should have Younger Son run our errands for us. Major problem is that YS no longer has a car; he donated it to Goodwill a couple months ago. As long as there are no confirmed cases in our county we are probably okay, but it is only a matter of time. There are seven cases in the county south of us and now four in the county directly to the east. Happily, Smokey uncovered a box of face masks that he had acquired for working on projects: a dozen N95s and a couple dozen ordinary dust masks. We will rely on those, plus the box of latex gloves left over from roadside trash pickups and antiseptic wipes, if we need to go out.

The April 7 election situation here in Wisconsin is crazy.

  • A federal judge ruled on Thursday that absentee ballots 1, did not have to have a witness signature, and B, could be returned until Monday, April 13, instead of by 7:59 pm on the seventh.
  • The Republicans appealed that decision.
  • A federal appellate court ruled on Friday that the April 13 extended deadline to return ballots could stand, but that dropping the witness requirement could not because it could open the door to election fraud. While that would not affect the presidential primary, it could easily change the outcome in rural municipal races where the total number of votes cast is typically in the hundreds and races are won or lost by a few dozen votes or less.
  • The Republican appealed the appellate court’s  decision to the U.S. Supreme Court. It will go before Justice Brett Cavanaugh, who is assigned to our district, on Monday.
  • The governor called a special session of the legislature to take place on Saturday. Only the legislature can postpone an election or change the rules. The session happened, but it was gaveled closed after five seconds. (Legislature has a Republican majority in both houses.)

Maybe the state commissioner of public health could postpone the election?
Weirder things have happened…

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4 Responses to So it’s not really Easter today? (Or yesterday?)

  1. Tracey says:

    You are not OK to go out without precautions just because there are no confirmed cases in your county. There are people who are sick and haven’t been tested (and are still going out even though they should be home, either because they are in denial or because they have no other choice) and there are people who are either asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic (could be 25% – 50% of the cases) who have no idea they are spreading the virus.

    I’m sure you know this, but putting it here as a reminder to everyone that the virus is out there, even if the numbers don’t show it yet.

  2. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I agree with Tracey. The research (John Campbell, UK Teaching Nurse, Phd, Retired) did a video on the shedding of the virus which occurs for 2 days prior to symptoms showing up in the symptomatic and also is shedding in those who are asymptomatic and never do develop symptoms. You would need to wear goggles as well as the masks and gloves if going out. A person just speaking or laughing sheds virus particles into the air where they can remain for 3 hours and longer in air conditioned places. Post offices often have air conditioning, and just walking in there your eyes could absorb the virus. Air conditioning circulates the virus which can be absorbed by the eyes and the virus lives longer in cooler temperatures. In addition, if you go out (not into the yard but to do errands) you need to sanitize your shoes immediately and remove them upon return. The larger particles of the virus fall to the ground. You walk on them. Your shoes pick them up. You touch your shoes, Then you touch your face, bingo, you have it. Phil and I have a towel by the side door that we spray with lysol and then we wipe our feet on it immediately upon coming inside. In addition, all clothing worn outside needs to be removed immediately (preferable in the garage and then you take a shower and wash your hair. The clothing needs to be gently put into the laundry but not shaken as it can release the virus into your air. Going out is dangerous, You had such a list of errands the other day that you did and it scared me for you. It is just not worth your lives. Hardware and grocery stores deliver orders. The other stuff just has to be let go. Visiting friends 6 feet apart in lawn chairs is dangerous. A cough or sneeze launches particles up to 14 feet, and if you are sitting 6 feet apart, those will land on you. You are in the danger zone both age wise and underlying conditions, Take care. Stay home means you too.

  3. Kat says:

    Oh boy, loads of advice from commentators. I will refrain from that and just say, I liked your early start to Easter! I think any holiday that includes peeps should be well longer than the “Easter Octave”… just saying! (And, also, may Justice C have oodles of common sense overtake him for his decision)

  4. Sympathies to Smokey on the meds. Mr. Wyrm is also on immunocompromising meds (yay arthritis, amiright? /sarcasm) and so we know what that worry is like.

    100% agree about the yarn hoarding re-definition. I like “disaster preparedness” a lot better than “yarn hoarding”.

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