Three on Thursday: let’s play some games.


We are all going a little stir-crazy about now.
How about some (hopefully) amusing games?

Game 1.

A friend posted on Facebook asking people to tell five things about themselves that (probably) were not true of any other of his friends. I think five things is too hard, so let’s go with three.


  1. I was licked by a cheetah.
  2. At my little part-time accounting job I was on a conference call with a colleague in Paris.
  3. (not gonna tell you this one, although I am considering putting it in my obituary; Smokey and Elder Son already know)



  1. He lived on an aircraft carrier twice for ten months each time.
  2. His heart stopped for eight minutes… and he lived (with minimal brain damage).
  3. He fell through the ice… and lived (with no brain damage) (Hmmm, perhaps this was related to #2?). 


Elder Son:

  1. He went snorkeling with whale sharks in the Indian Ocean.
  2. H was held up at knife point in Durban, South Africa.
  3. He was arrested at the Republican National Convention in New York City in 2004 and spent 40+ hours in Guantanamo On The Hudson sleeping on an oil- and asbestos-coated concrete floor using his shoe for a pillow.

Okay, you guys next — sing out in the comments.


Game 2.

A friend of Smokey’s posted this on Facebook: “Tell us what your pet is doing right now, but preface it with the phrase, ‘The drunk guy at the end of the bar is…”.

At Chez Kat™:

  • The drunk guy at the end of the bar is… eating from the bowl on the floor.
  • The drunk guy at the end of the bar is… sleeping next to me.
  • The drunk guy at the end of the bar is… licking his a$$.

Once again, sing out in the comments.


Game 3.

Name three things you are grateful for:

  1. That Elder Son is where he is and not in New York City doing a rotation at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens.
  2. That we have the means and resources to hunker down at home and have the means and resources to help others who are not as lucky.
  3. All of you!


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10 Responses to Three on Thursday: let’s play some games.

  1. Kat says:

    Oh my. I am glad that your son is not in NYC right now as well!

    My grateful things:
    1. The sun is shining today!! (this is a huge deal in Pittsburgh!)
    2. 10 thousand doors of January just came available from my library wait list!
    3. Homemade Banana bread for breakfast! 🙂

  2. Deb says:

    I had my then husband committed to a mental institution (schizophrenia)
    One of my sons works at google
    I have 17 cousins (and love them all)

  3. Kathleen Walsh says:

    Three things most people do not know about me:
    1. I swam with the dolphins in Cuba. One took a shine to me and massaged my legs with his tail fin. I did Tellington Touch on this dolphin, then the dolphin rose up from the water, turned and looked me straight in the eye.
    2. I did community development work in a garbage dump in Egypt, and I slept there overnight because I wanted to see some piglets being born. I was invited to share a meal with the family. It was a large bowl of watered down tomato paste with several chopped green onions and some fresh garlic in it, and whole wheat bread for dipping. That’s all they ate for their meal!
    3. I hiked to Jaguar Meadows neat the top of Mount Shasta, California and I encouraged those with me to continue on to the end. It was covered in snow. I shared my dried fruit snacks with my fellow hikers.
    4. I spent a week in the Israeli desert with a group, hiking to waterholes, climbing cliffs, going through chalk caves, disturbing a group of brown desert eagles and sleeping outside under the stars which were brilliant against the dark night sky.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Game 1:
    I travelled with my family’s carnival as a small child.
    I’ve been to 63 countries, some more than once.
    I took care of my husband while he slowly died from ALS.
    I have leukemia.
    Game 2:
    This sweet, pretty young gal came into the bar but got drunk. Now she is dragging her butt across the dance floor.
    Game 3:
    My income is secure and I have all I need.
    I feel good, even though my immune system is compromised. My sister, friends and neighbors look out for me.
    My dogs are good company.
    My boyfriend is fun, affectionate and thoughtful.

  5. Laurie says:

    Love these games! 3 things I am grateful for today:
    The warm spring sunshine
    Daffodils right outside my front door
    I get to be housebound with my best friend of 41 years (my hubby). I couldn’t think of anyone I would rather go through this with!

    And the drunk guy at the enf of the bar is rolling on his back in the sunbeam! 🙂

  6. Carolyn Thomas says:

    “The drunk guy at the end of the bar is sound asleep with his tongue sticking out, all dried up.”

  7. k says:

    Three things about me:
    1. I was licked on the ear by a lorikeet.
    2. I watched a guy pound a 10-penny nail up his nose, while his friend videotaped it.
    3. I held my high school record for taking acid.
    The drunk guy at the end of the bar has quit yelling, but is whipping (her) tail around.
    I am grateful that the drunk guy is quiet – for the moment – and that the sun is shining, and that stores are making it easier for me to get in and out.

  8. gayle says:

    the drunk guy at the end of the bar is sitting in a cardboard box that is three sizes too small.
    (And you made a list of things that probably weren’t true of your friends and didn’t mention kidding around with Alex Trebek?

  9. Ellen D. says:

    Game 1:
    1) I had an MRI yesterday.
    2) I have been to a wedding in Nangjing, China (The wedding lasted all day!!)
    3) I have been to a wedding in Kigali, Rwanda (Their wedding lasted all day too!)

    Game 2: I don’t have a pet!

    Game 3: I am grateful that the sun is shining and that I have a home where I can shelter safely.

  10. Three things about me:
    1. I was shot at , I think, by a man with a rifle today while I rode my bicycle on a country road .
    Fireman and I could not believe this guy was shooting from his porch. Not kidding. Will never go down that road again.
    2. I lost 60 lbs on weigh watchers over 2 years and have kept it off.
    3. I never won a sport in my life!

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