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From today’s email.

Subject: Irish Times Op Ed Irish Times April 25, 2020 By Fintan O’Toole THE WORLD HAS LOVED, HATED AND ENVIED THE U.S. NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, WE PITY IT “Over more than two centuries, the United States has stirred … Continue reading

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Unraveled blathering.

Cabin fever is setting in with me. Yesterday I got an email from a place on the North Shore where in the past we have rented a cabin; they are opening next Monday and all rates are 25% off until … Continue reading

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Blather? I gotcher blather right here.*

I started a pandemic journal on advice from WaPo. Although I do about 99% of my writing at a keyboard, I am doing this in longhand because it feels more natural somehow. If I am typing my words onto a … Continue reading

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Cats & yarn.

Alpaca are amazing. I have a wonderful afghan that this would work on. Speaking of afghans… These two wall hangings remind me of the coronavirus’s effect on people. The one on the left shows society merrily trucking along when suddenly! … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday.

The most effective leader on the planet. Michael Perry does nightly readings from his books on Instagram. (Click on any of the ones with a closeup of his head.) (The name of his website comes from one of his first … Continue reading

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Alone on a Saturday.

Silver linings from the Quarantine Chorale.¬†Link lifted from Chris. The Bloggess likes Instagram as much as I do. Save the USPS! Another way! Open the damned blinds. Policy cannot be based on the Bible. A new take on social distancing. … Continue reading

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The blathering resumes.

Really, this is more of a data dump than blather. Thoughts have been accumulating and need an outlet. This pandemic has meant that a lot of us have become familiar with some medical terms we had perhaps never heard before. … Continue reading

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I couldn’t stay away.

Got this today…

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Crafting in the time of COVID-19.

  I may take a few days off from posting. Need to dedicate some time to catching up on other tasks. See you again soon!

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Links back when we could touch others.

Inspiring (not) national park posters. National Geographic shares photos of the pandemic around the world. This is lovely. How to feed your dragon. Raccoon(s). Working from home. Painters painting food. The first case of COVID-19 in our county. Unconfirmed because … Continue reading

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