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Wisconsin governor just issued a #saferathome order beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24.

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Fiber fun in the time of coronavirus, with apologies to Gabriel García Márquez.

In the interest of keeping all you locked-down, quarantined, sheltering-in-place folks amused, I have foregone fiber links today in favor of more Instagram screenshots, this time those suitable for fiber Monday.   Oh, heck, here are some fibery links as … Continue reading

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Blather, con’t.

  From the Washington Post: “Ways to ameliorate the economic effects of the virus while still practicing social distancing. “Our economy run s on mutual interdependence. As we spend time in self-isolation, let’s think about all the people who depend … Continue reading

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More blather about the coronavirus.

Some terms get tossed around a lot these days. I thought I would get some definitions. Essential services. From Huffpost, 3/20/20: “But what is considered an essential job or service? Here at HuffPost, we’ve been asked about laundromats (yes) and … Continue reading

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Humor and thought from IG.


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Coronavirus on Instagram.

Click on the first photo to embiggen, then click BACKWARDS through to the rest.

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Coronavirus for fiber folk.

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A couple coronavirus-related tales.

Earlier this week I spilled water on the keyboard of my laptop. ::sob:: I mopped it up as quickly as possible and attempted to dry it out, but my efforts were less than successful. The machine would boot up — … Continue reading

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Boring old black and white links.

A feminist is the new secretary-general of the United Nations. A real life wonder woman.

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E-mail from Elder Son. Testimony of a surgeon working in Bergamo, in the heart of Italy’s coronavirus outbreak «In one of the non-stop e-mails that I receive from my hospital administration on a more than daily basis, there was a paragraph on “how … Continue reading

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