Networking the links.

connection social media

Neural-net candy hearts.

Living forest.

Tinamou eggs.

Octopus moves house.

Don’t make big decisions in February.

Fluff saves lives.

Magic incantations for coronavirus.

Free books! They are here.

The musical otter.

“A big sack of assholes on dinosaur legs.”

This is even scarier than the virus.

For Doctor Who fans.

Grass is greener.

Where one man sees a thresher, another sees a grain based carnival ride.” Β Yeah, I had to google Ophiuchus, too.

States where you get paid to vote.

Links from Chris.


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5 Responses to Networking the links.

  1. Ellen D. says:

    Thanks! I used up 45 minutes getting through these links! Hmmm…what to do next!? πŸ™‚

  2. gayle says:

    Lovely list of lovely links! (And yeah, I’m a Ophiuchus googler, too)
    That emu story is one of my very favorite things ever! “the other murderbirds”!

  3. Hooray for a happy cat + Doctor Who story! πŸ˜€

  4. k says:

    “5 pounds of Gus.” Also, unmute! I laughed so hard Daughter got up to see. That! is a ringing endorsement.

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