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It’s Video Tuesday here in Coronaland.

Bird Song Opera. (Sorry, Vimeo will not let me embed the video here.) “The Trump campaign seriously just issued a cease and desist for this ad so I’m doing my part and sharing it as widely as humanly possible.” Elder … Continue reading

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COVID-19 and knitters.


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Blither, blather.

A friend who went south for the winter with her husband in their RV emailed me that there is one not-yet-confirmed case of coronavirus in my county. I went to the Wisconsin Department of Health website, which I keep open … Continue reading

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Coronavirus on IG.

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Networking the links.

Neural-net candy hearts. Living forest. Tinamou eggs. Octopus moves house. Don’t make big decisions in February. Fluff saves lives. Magic incantations for coronavirus. Free books! They are here. The musical otter. “A big sack of assholes on dinosaur legs.” This … Continue reading

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Where I am at.

I got a call yesterday from our township clerk asking if I was still available to be a poll worker in the upcoming April 7 election*. I was hesitant but finally agreed to work. I asked about the disinfectant procedures she … Continue reading

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Let’s have some good news, shall we?

These are all taken from today’s edition of The LilyLines, published every Thursday by the Washington Post. “I’m 72 with significant blood pressure issues. I’m, therefore, in that unenviable category of being at highest risk. I’ve been in lockdown now for … Continue reading

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Inane blather.

This gave me chills. From a daily regional newsletter: “This is the first day of Wisconsin being under a shelter in place order. Restriction of movement like this is one of the big guns that has to be used in … Continue reading

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The Kat™, she blathers on…

There is some good news. How soap works to *kill* viruses.      

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Marble racing.

. Also, how to stay sane.

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