Snow means knitting time.

mittens, lt blue w snowflake

This is amazing.

Hexapuff madness.

One ring cat to rule them all.

Yarn weights and feelings.

Knitting legacy.

Not a welcome mat.

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6 Responses to Snow means knitting time.

  1. kayT says:

    I just realized I have never thanked you for all the wonderful links you post.. I really love all of them and that welcome mat is perfect. Thanks!

  2. gayle says:

    Love the links, as always!
    Eyeing those hexapuffs. So tempting. So very very tempting…

  3. That is a LOT of hexipuffs. I used to want to make a hexipuff blanket, but then I looked at how many of the darn things I would need to make, and I gave up that idea real quick.

    Um. My favorite yarn to knit with is either fingering or laceweight… but I can’t really say that I disagree with the yarn weights & feelings link… 😉

  4. Those two cats are just stunners. I love the links. The hexipuff craze is still going strong. WOW.

  5. kimsdee says:

    All the links are fun, but the mittens in the snow photo is breathtaking.

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