Gollum speaks truth.

A warm cloak.

A few words on WIPs.

The Icelandic bind-off.

Cabled hats are my current thing.

Pikachu hat.

Dudes that knit: knitting behind bars.

Blue for 2020!

Just one more row




Green text = hovertext.

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3 Responses to Argyled.

  1. gayle says:

    I’m fascinated with that bind-off! At first I thought it was just making a standard bind-off into one step, but the passing over of the previous stitch is actually happening first, then the next stitch is knit. I’m going to have to grab needles and yarn and fiddle with this thing…
    (Thanks for the new puzzle!)

  2. =Tamar says:

    The cloak video is lovely, but I wish they hadn’t said it was knitted in the description. It was spun, braided, and sewn together, with some crocheted seams. Zero knitting.

    I have to study the Icelandic bind-off.

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